Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sri Shivananda Lahari !! Lyrics & Its meaning 81 – 90

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Oh! Lord Umamahesha, whoever immersed in the veneration of your lotus feet, meditation, circumambulates and prostrates before you and whoever finds immense pleasure in listening your glorious myths and visit your holy abodes on the sacred lands, whoever sung and praising the glories of you and experience the bliss would be treated as liberated soul.
Oh! Aryapathey , Lord Vishnu manifested in various forms such as arrow, bull, consort of you and acquired  half of your body, took the form of wild boar, close associate of you, female companion of you, holding your divine drum.  Lord Vishnu was all set to offer his lotus eye instead of lotus flowers on your feet and became part of you.  Thus, Lord Vishnu remains the most venerable amongst the honorable, if not who else is greater than Him?
Whoever worships the Supreme Lord Shiva with his consort Goddess Sri Parvati, who has no birth and death would attain the greatest among the pieties and eternal bliss, such as liberation from the cycles of birth and death.  There is no doubt in the matter that the worship of deities who has birth and death does not bring any kind of bliss.
Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Creator of the Universe, Oh! Omnipresent Lord, Oh! The Lord of Ocean of Mercy, Oh! Compassionate Lord,  I offer the maiden of my supreme intellect and virtues in the relentless serve of you and Goddess Sri Gauri.  I earnestly pray to you to dwell in my heart as well.
Oh! Indumouley, who has adorned Lord Chandra on matted hair locks, I have no intelligence in me to churn the ocean, I have no power or strength in me to rupture the Pathal Loka,  I am not a proficient hunter in the woods, therefore how it would be possible for me to offer food/venom, flowers/Lord Chandra, Jewels/Venomous serpents, and clothes/skin of elephant and tiger for you?
Oh! Lord Umapathi, Oh! Vibho, I have collected all the ingredients required for the veneration of you.  How did I worship you?  I have no capabilities of a swan or wild boar, thus I am unaware of your matted hair locks or lotus feet.  Even Lord Brahma who took the form of a swan and Lord Vishnu who transformed into wild boar were unfortunate to envision you.
Oh! Lord Shambu, all you requires is venom as food, serpent as jewels, skin of elephant and tiger as attires and your celestial vehicle is bull.  Thus, what would you give me?  What did I ask from you?  Therefore I earnestly request you to provide me firm devotion at your lotus feet.
Oh! Lord Shiva,   I will become competent to venerate you and sung praising the glories of you, when I become proficient like Lord Rama who built Sethu bridge across the vast ocean, Sage Agasthya who held the Mount Meru on his palm and pressed down on the earth and when I surpass Lord Brahma in intellect who was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu.
Oh! Lord Parameshwara, you are extremely pleased and satisfied with the shot of arrows (by Arjuna), beatings with the pestle (by an elderly woman and ardent devotee) and fling of stones (by a hunter/Kannappa Nayanar), ironically you are least pleased by veneration or meditation or singing and praising the glories of you.  I earnestly request you to tell me which will make you happier; I would love to perform the same.
Oh! Lord Shambu, I am not proficient in Yogic practices,  I am pleased to narrate your glorious myths.  Oh! Lord Parameshwara, I meditate upon you and envision your glorious form before my eyes and I prostrate and bow my head down before Lord Sadashiva.
Kanchith Kala Umamahesha Bhavatha: Padharavindharchanai :
Kanchith Dhyana Samadhimiccha Nathibhi: Kanchith Katha Karnanai: |
Kanchith Kanchidh Vekshanaischa Nuthibhi: Kanchidhashamidhashi
Ya: Prapnothi Mudha Thvadharppithamana Jeevan Sa Muktha:  Khalu ||
Banathvam Vrushabhathvamardha Vapusha Bharyathvamaryapathey
Ghonithvam Sakhitha Mrudhangavahatha Chethyadhi Roopam Dhadhou |
Thvathpadhey Nayanarpanam Cha Kruthavan Thvadheha Bhago Hari:
Poojyath Poojya Tharassa  Yeva Hi Na Chetha Ko Va Thadhanyodhika: ||
Janana Mruthiyuthanam Sevaya Devathanam
Na Bhavathi Sukhalesha Samshayo  Nasthi Thathra: |
Ajanimamrutha Roopam Sambhameesham Bhajanthey
Ya Iha Paramasoukhyam They Hi Dhanya Labhanthey ||

Shiva Thava Paricharya Sannidhanaya Gourya

Bhava Mama Gunadhurya Buddhikanyam Pradhasye |
Sakala Bhuvana Bhandho Sacchidhanandha Sindho
Sadhaya Hrudhaya Gehey Sarvadha Samvasathvam ||
Jaladhi Madhana Dhaksho Naiva Pathala Bhedhi
Na Cha Vana Mrugayayam Naiva Lubdha: Praveena: |
Ashana Kusuma Bhusha Vasthra Mukhyam Saparyam
Kathaya Kathamaham They Kalpayami Indumouley  ||
Puja Dhravya Samruddhayo Virachitha:  Pujam Katham Kurmahey
Pakshithvam Na Cha Va Keedithvamapi Na Praptham Maya Dhurllabham |
Janey Masthakamangri Pallavamumajaney  Na Theyham Vibho
Na Jyatham  Hi Pithamahena Harina Thathvena Thadhroopina ||
Ashanam Garalam Phani Kalapo
Vasanam Charma  Cha Vahanam Mahoksha: |
Mama Dhasyasi Kim Kimasthi Shambho
Thava Padhambhuja Bhakthi Meva Dhehi ||
Yadha Kruthambho Nidhi Sethubandhana:
Karasthaladha: Krutha Parvathadhipa: |
Bhavani They Langitha Padma Sambhava:
Thadha Shivacharya Sthava Bhavanakshama: ||
Nathibhir Nuthibhirsthamisha  Puja –
Vidhimir Dhyana Samadhibhirna Thusha: |
Dhanusha Musalena Chashmamirva
Vadhathey Preethikaram Thatha Karomi ||
Vachasa Charitham Vadhami Shambo –
Rahamudhyoga Vidhasu  They Prasaktha: |
Manasakrithi Ishwarasya Sevey
Shirasa Chaiva Sadhashivam Namami ||
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Thiru Manikkavasagar’s Thiruvasagam – 37. Pidiththa Paththu sung at Shirkazhi/ThiruThonipuram !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Umbarkku Arasey ! Ozhivara Niraindha
Yogamey ! Unththaiyen Thanakku
Vampena Pazhutha Yen Kudimuzhuthu Andu
Vazhvara Vazhviththa Marunthey !
Semporul Thunivey ! Sheerudai Kazhaley !
Selvamey ! Shiva Perumaney !
Yenporuttu Unnai Sikkanapidithen
Ingu Yezhuntharulvathu Iniye .
 Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Omnipresent Lord, The epitome of sacred Vedas, Oh! Fortunate Lord, who has glorious lotus feet capable to provide liberation from the cycles of birth and death, I am completely impure by strangled in the material way of life, I am firmly holding those glorious lotus feet to protect me and shower your grace on me.
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Thiruvennainallur Thirupathikam sung by Thiru Sundaramurthi Nayanar !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Thiru Alala Sundarar was a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva relentlessly served Lord at Thiru Kailayam/Mount Kailash.  It was the will of Lord Shiva to send Alala Sundara on Earth.  Once, Alala Sundarar was immersed in plucking fresh flowers for the worship of Lord was distracted by two young maidens and deviated from his work  eventually caused him to undergo the curse of Lord Shiva.     Due to the curse Alala Sundarar was born to a pious Brahmin couple who lived in Thirunavallur, Thirumunaipadi.  These couples Chadayanar and Isaignani Ammayar were zealous devotees of Lord Shiva, they named the child Nambiyaroor.  At the right age of marriage Nambiyaroor was decided  to marry Shadangavi, during the time of marriage ceremony Lord Shiva appeared in the form of an old Brahmin as promised earlier to Alala Sundarar and declared that Nambiyaroor was owned by him, it created heated argument between the two.   Further, the argument was settled in Thiruvennainallur , the old Brahmin ordered Nambiyaroor to sing.   Thus, Nambiyaroor sung praising the supreme Lord Shiva as ‘Piththa’/Crazy in his verses.
Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Piththa, who is glorious and decked the crescent moon on matted hair locks, dwells in the shrine of Thiruvaduthurai in Thiruvennainallur located on the river banks of Pennayar resides in my heart as well, consequently you have saved me and made me to bear in mind that I am your servant always.  Pardon me for the blunder, publicly refused to accept you as my Master.
Piththa Pirai Soodi Perumaney Arulala
Yeththan Maravathey Ninaikindren Manathulley                 
Vaiththai Pennai Thenpal Vennainallurooduraiyul
Aththa Unakkalai Ini Allennenalamey
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sri Shivananda Lahari !! Lyrics & Its meaning 71 – 80

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, an intelligent person overcomes his sins like enemies with the rope of unblemished and firm devotion tied in the bow of mind's eye with the sharp arrows of devotion to Lord and eventually attains Saroopya Lakshmi of triumph in the form of eternal bliss.
Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, your devotees who are systematically aware of your splendor removes the darkness of ignorance through the collieries of meditation.  Whoever praise your lotus feet which is decked with the serpents as jewels and ultimate shelter for the deities, they would achieve greatest of the devoutness in their life.
Oh! Wise Mind, immerse your thought at the lotus feet of supreme Lord Parameshwara who is venerated by Lord Vishnu, consort of Goddesses Sri Devi & Bhudevi personified as wild boar.  It is the ultimate asylum for liberation and hence worships relentlessly.  Is there anything superior to it?
The firm devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Parameshwara will remove the impurities such as desires, attachment and grief; ultimately fills the basket of mind with enthralling fragrances of persona.
Oh! Lord Vrushabadhirooda/ who is seated on the celestial vehicle Vrushabam/bull, vanquisher of Lord Manmatha ! Oh! Leader of entire world!  I earnestly pray to mount on the horse like my mind and accomplish your voyage, which has possessed auspiciousness, unique and capable to provide pleasures, swift and has the skill to reveal the internal thoughts by gestures, faultless and has possessed certain unwavering qualities.
Whose mind is devoted to the lotus feet of Lord Maheshwara and pond like heart is filled with the fondness to Lord, his life would attain the eternal bliss.
The intellectuals who are closely attached to the lotus feet of Lord Maheshwara with staunch devotion, by constantly remembering the lotus feet of Lord, an earnest desire to attain the lotus feet would envisions the supreme Lord by praising the glories of him, immersed in the prayers of him, just like a devoted wife go through the pangs of separation from her husband.
Oh! Lord, raise the intellect of mine which is immersed in the selfless service of virtuous, modest, abundance of goodness; I earnestly pray to protect the intellect of mine like a newly wedded bride was taken good care by her husband.
Oh! Lord Shambhu, Your supple lotus feet are venerated by the Yogis in their lotus like heart.  How did you thrash the hard and strong doors like chest of Lord Yama? I am too anxious about the lotus feet of yours.  I earnestly pray to reveal those lotus feet of yours which spanked the Lord Yama.  I will carry it safely on my hands.
Oh! Lord Shambu, You are aware of my birth and also known the harshness of my mind, you have already made up your mind to dance on it to protect me, with those tender feet that were already danced on the harsh mountain.  If not, why did you choose to dance on the rocky surface when there are abundance of space in your celestial homes, bed of flowers and spacious porticos?

Arooda Bhakthi Guna Kunchitha Bhava Chapa –
Yukthai Shivasmarana Bana  Ganairamokhai
Nirjithya Kilbhisharipun Vijayi Sudhindra –
Sanandhamavahathi Susthira Rajalakshmim ||
Dhyananjannena Samavekshya Thama: Pradhesham
Bhithva Mahabhalimirishwara Nama Manthrai  : |
Divyakshitham Bhujaga Bhushana Mudhvahanthim
Ye Padha Padmamiha They Shiva They  Kruthartha: ||
Moodharathamudha Vahadhyapekshaya Shri –
Moodhara Yeva Kimathassumathey Labhasva |
Kedharamakalitha Mukthi Mahoushadinam
Padharavinda Bhajanam Parameshwarasya ||
Asa Pasa Klesha Durvasanadhi
Medhothyukthai: Divya Gandhairamandhai: |
Asa Shadikasya Padharavindam
Chetha: Pedim Vasitham Mey Thanothu ||
Kalyaninam Sarasa Chithra Gathim Savegam
Sarvengithajya Managham Dhruva Lakshanadyam ||
Chethasthuranga Madhiruhya Chara Smararey
Nethassamastha Jagatham Vrushabhadi Rooda ||
Bhakthir Mahesha  Padha Pushkara Bhavansanthi
Kadhambhiniva Kuruthey Parithoshavarsham |
Sampuritho Bhavathi Yasya Manasthadaka
Sthajjanmasasya Makhilam Saphalam Cha  Nanyath ||
Buddhi: Sthira Bhavithu Ishwara Padha Panga –
Sakththa Vadhurviharaniva Sadhasmaranthi |
Sadhbhavana Smarana Dharshana Keerthanadhi
Sammohitheva Shivamanthra Japena Vinthey ||
Sadhupachara Vidhishvanubodhitham
Savinayam Suhrutham Sadhupakshitham |
Mama Samuddhara Buddhirmimam Prabho
Varagunena Navoda Vadhumiva ||
Nithyam Yogi Manasarojadhala Samcharakshamasthvathkrama –
Shambho Thena Katham Kadorayamaradvakskha: Kavadakshathi :
Athyantham Mrudhulam Thvathangriyugalam Ha Mey Manaschinthaya _
Thvethath Lochana Gocharam Kuru Vibho Hasthena Samvahaye ||
Yeshthyesha Janim Manosya Kadinam Thasminnadanithi
Madhrakshayai Giriseemni Komala Padhanyasa : Purabhyasitha: |
Nochey Divya Gruhanthareshu Sumanasthalpeshu Vedhyadhishu
Prayasathsu Shilathaleshu Nadanam Shambho Kimartham Thava ||
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Sri Umamaheshwara Sthothram composed by Sri Adishankaracharya !! Lyrics & Its meaning

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
My salutations to Lord Shiva/Shankara, who bears the symbol of bull/Vrushabha & Goddess Sri Parvathi who is the daughter of Nagendra/mountain and are ever youthful, remains in the tight embrace of each other.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who remain in the joyful pastimes, provider of boons to his devotees and whose lotus feet is worshipped by Lord Narayana.  My salutations to  Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who has Lord Nandi/bull as celestial vehicle, worshipped by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Indra and whose bodies are anointed by Sandal paste and holy ash.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who is the supreme deities of the Universe, remains the protector of the Universe and victorious always, who is worshipped by Lord Indra and deities.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who are the supreme medicine for the devotees who listens and recite the Panchakshara Manthra and who is the creator, preserver and destroyer of the Universe.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who are exceptionally gorgeous and extremely fond of the lotus like heart of devotees who always cherish for the goodwill of the entire universe.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who destroys the evil effects of Kali era, and has the body of unique features of auspicious and Kankala on both the sides and dwells in the Mount Kailash.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi who is remover of the ill-fates and remains the supreme deities in the Universe, epitome of astuteness and sacred scriptures and Veda, my salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who has Lord Surya, Lord Chandra and Lord Agni as their eyes and protects those who surrender to them, and whose lotus faces resembles the full moon in Pournami days.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who is attracted by the people of the entire Universe and who has no age, death and remains unblemished was worshipped by Lord Janardhana and Lord Bhrama.  My salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who are resplendent with boundless peace, decked with the garlands of Bilva/Bale and Jasmine and who are the instant comforts for all pains.  My Salutations to Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi, who is the protector of all the creatures in the Universe, and proposed to protect the entire Universe was worshipped by the demons and deities.   
Whoever recites this glorious verses of Sri Umamaheswara Sthothra praising the splendor of Lord Shankara & Goddess Sri Parvathi at the time of dawn, noon and dusk would be blessed with numerous meritorious reward for hundreds of years and ultimately attain salvation at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva.
Namashivabhyam Nava Youvanabhyam
Parasparashlishta Vapurdharabhyam |
Nagendra Kanya Vrushakethanabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Sarasothsavabhyam
Namaskruthabhishta Varapradhabhyam
Narayanenarchitha Padhukabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Vrusha Vahanabhyam
Virinchi Vishnudhri Supujithabhyam |
Vibhoothi Padira Vilepanabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Jagadeeshwarabhyam
Jagathpathibhyam Jaya Vigrahabhyam |
Jambhari Mukhyairabhi Vandhithabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Paramoushadhabhyam
Panchakshari Panjara Ranjithabhyam |
Prapancha Shrushti Sthithi Samhruthibhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Athisundarabhyam
Athyanthamasaktha Hrudhambujabhyam |
Ashesha Lokaika Hithamkarabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Kalinasanabhyam
Kangala Kalyana Vapurdharabhyam |
Kailasa Shailasthitha Devathabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Ashubhapahabhyam
Ashesha Lokaika Visheshithabhyam |
Akundithabhyam Shruthi Samsthuthabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Rachithabhayabhyam
Ravindhu Vaishwanara Lochanabhyam |
Raka Shashanga Mughambujabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Janamohnabhyam
Jara Mruthithrasa Vivarjithabhyam
Janardhanabjodha Bava Pujithabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Vishamekshanabhyam
Bilwacchadha Mallika Dhamabhrudhbhyam |
Shobhavathi Shanthavathishwarabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Nama: Shivabhyam Pasupalakabhyam
Jagathrayi Rakshana Bandha Hrudhbhyam |
Samastha Devasura Pujithabhyam
Namo Nama: Shankara Parvathibhyam ||
Sthothram Thrisandhyam Shivaparvathibhyam
Bhakthya Padeth Dhwadhasakam Naro Ya : |
Sa Sarva Soubhagya Phalani Bhukthey
Shathayuranthey Shivalokamethi ||     
                                        Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!