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Soundarya Lahari by Sri Adi Sankara !! Lyrics & Its meaning 91 – 100 !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, who is the embodiment of auspiciousness, the swans at your holy abode learns to reproduce the mesmerizing style of your walking.  The marvelous sounds created by the anklets decked on your attractive feet gives out an impression that your holy feet are giving lessons on style of walking to those swans.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, The trinities, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudura who performs the function of the Universe, earnestly desires to venerate you and they represent themselves as the four legs of your auspicious throne.  Lord Sadasiva assumes the form of marvelous white colored spread on your throne, eventually the white color has turned into crimson color due to the reflection of the brilliant rays emanating from your body and it brings immense pleasure on your eyes that reveals highest of the emotion.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi,   Victory to thee!! You are the ocean of mercy, your supreme compassion is beyond reach and inexplicable by your consort Lord Shiva, it is victorious like Lord Aditya at the early hours of dawn which gives protection to the world, like magnificent curls in your long beautiful hair, natural fragrances from your smile, tenderness of a flower of your heart, hardness of your raised bosom, slenderness of waist and seductiveness of hip.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Lord Brahma, the creator ensures the unlimited supply from your jewel box Lord Chandra who provides musk/fragrances at the time of no moon and crescent moon supplies abundance of pieces of camphor in its emerald cup.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, You are the supreme light in the palace of Chinthamani of Lord Tripurari, who burnt the three cities.  Lord Indra and deities remains at the main gate of Chinthamani Gruha and inspires themselves to venerate you, because worship of your lotus feet at the nearness is possible for those who have attained highest of the spiritual enlightenment and various Yogic powers.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Supreme amongst the chaste women!  The greatest of the poets attained Goddess Sri Saraswathi, wife of Lord Brahma by their veneration and passionate devotees attains loads of wealth with the grace of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.  You are obtainable only to Lord Mahadeva and he is the one competent to embrace your raised bosom, not even the auspicious ‘Kuravaka’ tree.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Consort of Lord Parambhrama ! Exponents of Veda portraits you as Goddess Sri Saraswathi, consort of Lord Brahma and you are Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, consort of Lord Hari and you are Goddess Sri Parvathi, consort of Lord Hara as well.  Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, I believe you are beyond these supreme forces; you are Goddess Mahamaya who governs the entire universe with an impregnable, inexpressible and eternal glory.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Mother of the Universe, I earnestly prays to bless me with the knowledge of ultimate wisdom and when will be able to consume the elixir of nectar, red in color originates from your lotus feet, ultimately it will become the colorful seep of betel flowing from the mouth of Goddess Sri Saraswathi which is capable to turn a born dumb into intellectual.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, whoever worships you with utmost faith would be blessed with eternal wisdom & knowledge and loaded with affluence, even Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu would become envious at them.   The worshipper would be blessed with the attractiveness that is capable to entice and disturb the status of Goddess Sri Rathidevi, wife of Lord Manmatha.  Whoever worships you with utmost devotion would be relieved from the clutches of worldly bondages and liberate from the bondage of birth and death as well, ultimately enjoys the supreme bliss and remain immortal.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, who is the cause of the entire Universe, above narrated holy verses are composed to praise you by your own words which are similar to venerate Lord Surya with the camphor, offering Arghyam to Lord Chandra and the ocean.
Prarthana Slokam :
Oh! Goddess Narayanai, I earnestly pray to forgive me for all those mistakes I have made while articulating the most sacred hymns, such as errors in the construction of words and phrases, inaccurate Visarga, Bindu, Mathra, Padham & PAdham and its diction.  Oh! Goddess Sri Jagadeeshwari, I shall completely surrender to your lotus feet, protect us with the merciful glance of you.
Padhanyasa Kreeda Parichayamivarabhdhu Manasa:
Sgalanthasthey Khelam Bhavana Kala Hamsa Na Jahathi |
Asthasthesham Shiksham Subhaga Mani Manjjeera Ranitha –
Cchaladha Chakshanam Charana Kamalam Charu Charithey ||
Gathasthey Manjathvam Dhruhina Hari Rudreshwara Bhrutha:
Shiva: Swaccha Cchaya Khaditha Kapada Pracchadhapada: |
Thvadheeyanam Bhasam Prathiphalana Raga Arunathaya
Shariri Shrungaro Rasa Iva Dhrusham Dhogdhi Kuthukam ||
Arala Keysheshu Prakruthi Sarala Mandhahasithey
Girishabha Cchiththey Dhrushadhupala Shobha Kuchathadey |
Bhrusham Thanvi Madhye Prudhu Rurasijaroha Vishaye
Jagathrathum Shambhor Jayathi Karuna Kanchidharuna ||
Kalanga: Kasthuri Rajani Kara Bimbam Jalamayam
Kalabhi: Karpoorai Marakatha Karandham Nibhiditham |
Athasthvadh Bhogeyna Prathi Dhinam Idham Riktha Kuharam
Vidhirbhuyo Bhuyo Nibadayathi Noonam Thava Kruthey ||
Puraratheyrantha: Puramasi Thathas Thvaccharanayo –
Saparyya Maryadha Tharala Karanana Masulabha |
Thadha Hyethey Neetha Shathamakha Mukha: Siddhimathulam
Thava Dhvaropantha Sthithibhi Ranimadhyabhiramara:
Kalathram Vaidhathram Kathi Kathi Bhajanthey Na Kavaya:
Shriyo Devya: Ko Va Na Bhavathi Pathi: Kairapidha |
Mahadevam Hithva Thava Sathi Sathinama Charamey
Kuchabhyam Asanga: Kuravakatharorapya Sulabha: ||
Giramahur Devim Dhruhina Gruhinee Magamavidho
Hare: Pathnim Padmam Hara Sahachari Madhri Thanayam |
Thuriya Kapi Thvam Dhuradhigama Nisseema Mahima
Maha Maya Vishwam Bhramayasi Parabhrama Mahishi ||
Kadha Kaley Matha: Kathaya Kalitha Lakthakarasam
Pibheyam Vidhyarthi Thava Charana Nirnney Jana Jalam |
Prakruthya Mookanam Api Cha Kavitha Karanathaya
Kadha Dhaththey Vani Mukha Kamala Thamboola Rasatham ||
Saraswathya Lakshmya Vidhihari  Sa Pathno Viharathey
Rathey: Pathivrathyam Shidhilayathi Ramyena Vapusha |
Chiram Jeevanneva Kshapitha Pasu Pasa Vyathikara:
Paranandhabhikhyam Rasayathi Rasam Thvadh Bajanavan ||
Pradheepa Jwalabhir Divasakara Neerajana Vidhi:
Sudha Sootheyschandhro Pala Jala Vairarkhya Rachana |
Swakeeyai Rambhobhi Salila Nidhi Souhithya Karanam
Thvadheeya Bhirvagbhi Sthava Janani Vacham Sthuthiriyam ||
Prarthana Slokam
Yakshara Padha Bhrushtam Mathra Heenam Thu Yadh Bhaveth |
Thath Sarvam Kshamyadham Deva Narayani Namosthu They ||
Visarga Bindu Mathrani Padha Paadhaksharani Cha |
Nyoonani Chathirikthani Kshamasva Jagadmbikey ||
Anyatha Sharanam Nasthi Thvameva Sharanam Mama |
Thasmath Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Jagadheeshwari ||
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

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Soundarya Lahari by Sri Adi Sankara !! Lyrics & Its meaning 81 – 90 !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Goddess Sri Parvathi, you have possessed abundance of marvelous physical structures in the form of wide hip as dowry from your father Himavan who graciously provided them at the time of your wedding, therefore it can conceal the entire universe from its sight and also make the Earth appears to be much lighter.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Girisuthey, who has profound knowledge in Veda & Sastra, and quintessence of Veda, with your magnificent thighs you have attained triumph over the trunk of elephant and the stem of banana plant as well.  Your knees have assumed the form of round and turned out firm due to the continuous prostration before Lord Shiva, and they have attained victory over the frontal bulges on the forehead of the celestial elephant Airavatha too.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Girisuthey, Lord Manmatha who bears the five cupid arrows for kindling sensual pleasures beleaguered Lord Rudra with the case of arrow made of your legs.  Surprisingly, the case of arrow holds double the number of arrows.  Your toe nails becomes sharpened at the constant touch of the crowns of the deities who prostrate before you, assumes the form of ten powerful arrows.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Your lotus feet are the precious ornaments adorned on the head of Shruthi and it is cleansed by the flow of holy river Ganga which is originated from the hair locks of Lord Shiva and the reflection of brightness like  gem Choodamani from the crown of Lord Vishnu.  Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi,  I earnestly pray to show mercy on me and place your divine feet on my head.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, My salutation to your magnificent feet, which is bright red in color and extremely pleasing to the eyes as well, Ashoka trees in your garden yearning for the touch of your divine feet, but Lord Pasupathi is envious of your deed and feels that the divine touch of your feet is destined for him only.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, your anger upon the clever use of words of Lord Shiva about you and your family during one of the pleasurable moments with your consort, before long in order to pacify you he prostrates before you touching your feet with his forehead and eventually it stir up marvelous noise from your anklets due to the presence of the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha who was burnt by Lord Shiva.  Those noises from your anklets are powerful as the sharp arrows as if Lord Manmatha reveals his hostility towards Lord Shiva.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, lotus flowers becomes lifeless at the time of snowstorm; they droop at night and bloom in the early hours of dawn.  Your lotus feet can endure in any conditions and remains awake always like blooming lotus flower.  Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi resides in lotus flower, your lotus feet are capable to provide prosperity to your devotees and it can be the reason that outshines the lotus flower.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, I earnestly request to enlighten me how did the poets compare your glorious feet which provide Protection, wealth & fame to the worshipper, to hard as the shell of tortoise? How did Lord Tripurari place your feet on the hard rock while performing vow of marriage?
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Goddess Chandi, who is the slayer of the demon Chanda, You have sparkling nails on your feet which resemble Lord Chandra, the lotus bud like the palms of celestial damsels remains closed at its beauty.  Your lotus feet grant auspicious boon like the Kalpavruksha, the wish fulfilling tree to the worshipper to attain wealth & Happiness.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, your lotus feet are like a bunch of alluring flowers of celestial tree, it has brimming nectar like honey that spreads in all directions which grant wealth to your worshipper.  I earnestly pray for my six sensory organs to turn into a six legged honey bee and always reside at your holy feet enjoying the swarming nectar from it.
Guruthvam Vistharam Kshithi Dharapathi: Parvathi Nija –
Nnithambadhacchidhya  Thvayi Harana Roopena Nidhathey |
Athasthey Vistheernno Gururayam Ashesham Vasumathim
Nithambha Pragbhara: Sthagayathi Laguthvam Nayathi Cha ||
Karindhranam Shundan Kanaka Kadhali Kanda Padali –
Upabhyammoorubhyam Upayamapi Nirjjithya Bhavathi |
Suvruththabhyam Pathyu: Pranathi Kadinabhyam Girisuthey
Vidhijjye Janubhyam Vibhudha Kari Kumbhadhvamasi ||
Parajethum Rudram Dviguna Shara Garbhou Girisuthey
Nishangou Janghey They Vishama Vishikho Badamakrutha |
Yadhagrey Dhrushyanthey Dhasha Sharaphala: Padhayugali –
Nakhagracchadhmana: Sura Makudashanaika Nishitha : ||
Shruthinam Moordhano Dhathathi Thava Yaou Shekharathaya
Mamapyethou Matha: Shirasi Dhayaya Dhehi Charanou |
Yayo: Padhyam Padha: Pasupathi Jada Jooda Thadini
Yayorllaksha Lakshmi Arunahari Choodamani Ruchi: ||
Namovakam Bhrumo Nayana Ramaneeyaya Padhayo –
Sthavasmai Dhvandhaya Spuda Ruchira Salakthakavathey |
Asooyathyathyantham Yadhabhi Hananai Spruhayathey
Pasunameesana: Pramadha Vana Kankeli Tharavey ||
Mrusha Kruthva Gothra Sglanamadha Vailakshya Namitham
Laladey Bharththaram Charana Kamaley Thadayathi They |
Chirandhantha: Shalyam Dhahana Krutha Unmoolithavatha
Thula Kodikvanai: Kili Kilithameeshana Ripuna ||
Himani Hanththvyam Himagiri Nivasaika Chathurou
Nishayam Nidhranam Nishi Charama Bhagey Cha Vishadhou |
Varam Lakshmi Pathram Shriyamathi Shrujanthou Samayinam
Sarojam Thvathpadhou Janani Jayathacchithra Miha Kim ||
Padham They Keerthinam Prapadhamapadham Devi Vipadham
Katham Neetham Sadhbhi: Kadina Kamadi Karpparathulam |
Katham Va Panibhyam Upayamanakaley Puraribha
Yadhadhaya Nyastham Dhrushadhi Dhayamanena Manasa ||
Nakhair Nagasthrinam Kara Kamala Sangocha Shashibhi –
Stharunam Divyanam Hasatha Iva They Chandi Charanou |
Phalani Swa: Stheybhya: Kisalaya Karagrena Dhadhatham
Daridhrebhyo Bhadhram Shriya Manisha Mahnaya Dhadhathou ||
Dhadhaney Dheeneybhya: Shriyamanisha Mashanau Sadhrushi
Mamandham Soundharya Prakara Makarandham Vikarathi |
Thavasmin Mandhara Sthabhaka Subhagey Yathu Charaney
Nimajjamanjjeeva: Karana Charana: Shadcharanatham ||
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Soundarya Lahari by Sri Adi Sankara !! Lyrics & Its meaning 71 – 80 !!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Goddess Uma, I earnestly pray to enlighten me to describe the loveliness of your hands to the vividness of your finger nails which tease the redness of the fresh alluring lotus flower.  Perhaps the lotus flower has obtained the redness from the liquid which was used to decorate the feet of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, I earnestly pray the two raised bosom of you which always shudder milk that was blissfully consumed by Skandha/Lord Subramanya and Heramba/Lord Ganesha, to destroy our grief and sorrows, and provide eternal happiness.  Heramba gets confused on the projected part on his body after witnessing the raised bosom of you; it brings huge laughter in both of you.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Victorious flag of King of Mountains, Your divine bosom are the reservoir of nectar in the pot made of rubies and there is no doubt in it,  due to this elephant faced Ganesha and Skandha/ slayer of Krounchasura remains young children all through their life without knowing the flattering moments with the woman.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Your glorious raised bosom is festooned with the garland made out of pearls which was found from inside the head of Gajasura, has the resemblance of your beautiful lips and Bimba fruit as well, you gracefully carry them on your chest like the fame of Lord Tripurari who destroyed the three cities.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Daughter of King of Mountains, The milk that flows from your raised bosom is the elixir of wisdom and intelligence which gives out the impression of Goddess Sri Saraswathi in the form of waves of nectar.  The milk fed out of compassion to a Dravida Child became the renowned poet whose poetic works are matchless and capable to mesmerize the mind of the reader.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Daughter of King of Mountains, The Lord Manmatha was burnt by the wrath of Lord Hara,  he was immediately took rescue on your deep pond like hollow on the surface of stomach which caused a smoke emanated from it gave out an impression of thin line of hair projected upward from your navel.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Janani, Oh! Consort of Lord Shiva, learned men visualize the middle space on the chest as thin cave like space between the two raised bosoms, gives out an impression of small watercourse of river Kalindi/Yamuna, and the streak extends up to your navel is sparkling and becomes too thin due to the position of  heavy bosoms.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Daughter of King of Mountains, Your attractive hollow on surface of stomach is a stream of Ganga, which is safe and secure.  Is this stream of your hair line is the ladder towards the two raised bosoms like buds are the arena of Fire sacrifice or the place where initiate the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha or the pleasure garden of Goddess Rathidevi, consort of Lord Manmatha or the serene cave where Lord Shiva undertakes severe penance.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi, Oh! Daughter of King of Mountains, Your slender waist looks feeble due to the heaviness of your raised bosom and it is slightly bent forward, gives out an impression of a delicate tree on the river banks, we earnestly prays for the strength of your slender waist evermore.
Oh! Goddess Sri Shakthi,  The thoughts about Lord Shiva stir your emotions with an excitement and yearn for the pleasurable moments with your consort, it causes the raised bosom resembles the golden pot reaches its fullness, full of perspiration and threaten to tear off your upper piece of clothing, the middle part of your waist tend to break due to the heaviness of your bosom that was already tied by Lord Manmatha and the three lines around the middle part of the body resembles the creepers.
Nakhanamudhyothair Navanalina Ragam Vihasatham
Karanam They Kanthim Kathaya Kathyama: Kathamumey |
Kayachidhva Samyam Bhajathu Kalaya Hantha Kamalam
Yadhi Kreeda Lakshmi Charanatha Laksha Rasachanam ||
Samam Devi Skandha Dhvipa Vadhana Peetham Sthanayugam
Thavedham Na: Khedha Harathu Sathatham Prasnutha Mukham |
Yadha Lokya Shangagulitha Hrudhayo Hasa Janaka:
Swakumbhou Heyrambha: Parimrushathi Hasthena Jadithi ||
Amu They Vakshoja Amrutha Rasa Manikya Kuthupaou
Na Sandheha Spandho Nagapathi Pathakey Manasi Na: |
Pibanthou Thou Yasmadhavidhitha Vadhu Sangarasikou
Kumaravadhyapi Dhviaradha Vadhana Krounjadhalanou ||
Vahathyambha Sthambhera Madhanuja Kumbha Prakruthibhi:
Samarabdham Muktha Manibhiramalam Hara Lathikam |
Kuchabhogo Bimbadhara Ruchibhirantha: Shabhalitham
Prathapa Vyamishram Puradhamayithu: Keerthimiva They ||
Thava Sthanyam Manye Dharanidhara Kanye Hrudhayatha:
Paya: Paravara: Parivahathi Sarasvathamiva |
Dhayavathya Dhaththam Dravida Shishurasvadhya Thava Yath
Kaveenam Proudanamajani Kamaneeya: Kavayitha ||
Hara Krodha Jvala Valibhira Valideyna Vapusha
Gabhirey They Nabhi Sarasi Krutha Sango Manasija: |
Samuththasthou Thasmadhachalathanaye Dhoomalathika
Janastham Janeethey Thava Janani Romavalirithi ||
Yadhey Thath Kalindi Thanuthara Tharanga Kruthi Shivey
Krushey Madhye Kinjji Janani Thava Yadhbhathi Sudhiyam |
Vimardhdhadh Anyonyam Kucha Kalashayor Antharagatham
Thanubhutham Vyoma Pravishadhiva Nabhim Kuharinim ||
Sthiro Gangavartha: Sthana Mukula Romavalilatha –
Kalavalam Kundam Kusuma Shara Thejo Huthabhuja: |
Rather Leelagaram Kimapi Thava Nabhir Girisuthey
Biladhwaram Siddher Girisha Nayananam Vijayathey ||
Nissarga Ksheenasya Sthanathabharena Klamajusho
Naman Moorther Nari Thilaka Shanakrai Sthrutyatha Iva |
Chiram They Madhyasya Thruditha Thadini Theera Tharuna
Samavastha Sthemno Bhavathu Kushalam Shaila Thanaye ||
Kuchou Sadhya: Sidhyaththada Khaditha Koorppasa Bhidhurou
Kashanthou Dhormooley Kanaka Kalashabhou Kalayatha |
Thava Thrathum Bhangadhalamithi Valagnam Thana Bhuva
Thridha Nadhdham Devi Thrivali Lavali Vallibhiriva ||
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!