Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sri Shivananda Lahari !! Lyrics & Its meaning 91 – 100

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva/Rajamouli, whose matted hair locks are adorned with the crescent moon! My ignorance in the heart that was formed as wild obscurity has been remained aloof by the ocean of your mercy.  The intelligence and wisdom which provides eternal bliss and removes the miseries has been restored in my heart.  I venerate your lotus feet which are capable to provide prosperity/ the condition of enjoying wealth, success, good fortune and make available liberty from the cycles of birth and death/salvation.

Oh! Lord Gauripathi, I have been freed from sins, desolation, misfortune, disasters, ego and maltreatment, by your grace filled with ultimate compassion.  I repeatedly recite your glorious myth which provides supreme bliss and earnestly pray to protect me from this birth itself.

Oh! Lord Girijanatha, Oh! Lord Gauripathi, Oh! Lord Paramashiva, who’s matted hair locks are adorned with the crescent moon and has blue throat, who is the sole possessor of this Universe and the origin of ultimate luster, I earnestly pray to keep my mind successively filled with your glorious myths.

Which recites or speaks about the glories of the Supreme Lord Shiva/Paramashiva is called a Tongue, which envisions the glorious form of Supreme Lord Shiva is known as Eyes, which venerates the idol of Supreme Lord relentlessly is called Hands and finally who always remember the supreme Lord is labeled as the liberated soul.

Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Lord Bhavanipathi, I earnestly pray to remove the doubt that persists in you about ‘My feet are tender and your heart is extremely hard’.  If so, how it would be possible to conduct journeys through the woods and hills?

Oh! Lord Tripurari, who conquered the world of Tripura! I earnestly pray to control my mind like untamed elephant, with the courageous of goad and chain of firm devotion, instantly tie on a pillar like your lotus feet with the supreme knowledge of Brahmam.

Oh! Lord Parameshwara, My mind is like an untamed elephant wandering restlessly and aimlessly with all that egos, I earnestly pray to tie my wander lust mind solicitously with the knowledge of firm devotion.

Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Lord Gauripriya , who is decked in superior status with finer jewels, walks with charismatic charm, who has possessed all the virtues and has golden complexion, who is praised by the virtuous, who has striking qualities, mesmerizing physical features and boundless compassion, who has possessed the opulence and promising qualities, I earnestly pray to accept my humble verses in praising you.  Oh! Lord Gauripathi, I earnestly pray to accept the above verses of Shivananda Lahari which is my maiden poetry that has simple phrases and enunciation, possessed supreme qualities and praised by the virtuous.

Oh! Supreme Lord Shiva, Oh! Lord of the ocean of Mercy, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu has the intense desire to witness your matted hair locks and lotus feet was disguised in the form of Swan and wild boar respectively, eventually journeyed through the sky and under earth in search of you and have undergone several hardships.  Oh! Lord Shambu, Oh! Lord Paramashiva, how are you going to reveal yourself in front me? Is this fair to you?

Oh! Supreme Lord Shambu, who is the supreme deity, has no beginning or no end, worshipped by the deities and Lord Brahma, who is venerated as supreme Lord and praised by the deities who has the knowledge of you as the excellent in excellence and assume themselves as the outer cover of a grain, I don’t make any false statements therefore I conclude praising you.

Adhya Vidhya Hrudhrutha Nirgathasi –
Vidhha Hruddha Hrudrutha Thvath Prasadhath |
Sevey Nithyam Srikaram Thvathpadhambjam
Bhavey Mukther Bharjanam Rajamouley ||

Dhoorikrithani Durithani Duraksharani
Dhourbhagya Dhukka Durahamsa Kruthi Durvachamsi |
Saram Thvadheeyam Charitham Nitharam Pibantham
Gaurisha Mamiha Samuddhara Sathkatakshai: ||

Soma Kaladharamouley
Komaladhana Kandharey Mahamahasi |
Swamini Girijanathey
Mamaka Hrudhayam Nirantharam Ramatham ||

Sa Rasanathey Nayane Thaveva Karou Sa Yeva Kruthakruthyaya: |
Ya Ye You Yo Bhargam Vadhadhikshathey Sadharchatha: Smarathi ||

Athimrudhulou Mama Charanam Athikadinam They Mano Bhavaneesha |
Ithi Vichikithsam Santhyaja Shiva Kathamasi Dhirou Thatha Pravesha: ||

Dhairyakushena Nibhrutham
Rabhasadha Krushya  Bhakthi Shrungalaya |
Purahara Charanalaney
Hrudhaya Madhemam Badhan Chithyanthrai: ||

Pracharathyamitha: Pragalbhavruthya
Madhavanesha  Mana: Kari Gariyan |
Parigruhya Nayena Bhakthirajjva
Paramasthanu Padham Dhrudam Nayamum ||

Sarvalankara Yuktham Sarala Padhayutham Sadhuvruththam Suvarnnam
Sadhvi Samsthuyamanam Sarasa Gunayutham Lakshitham Lakshanadyam |
Udhyathbhusha Vishesha Upagathavinayam Dhyothamanartha Rekham
Kalyanim Deva Gauripriya Mama Kavitha Kanyakayam Thvam Gruhanam ||

Idham They Yuktham Va Paramashiva Karunya Jaladhey
Gathou Theerthagroopam Thava Padha Shiro Dharshanadhiya |
Hari Brahmanou Thou Dhivi Bhuvi Charanthou Shramayuthou
Katham Shambho Swamin Kathaya Mama Vedhyosi Purathaha: ||

Sthothrenalam Aham Pravashmi  Na Mrusha Deva Virinchadhaya:
Sthuthyanam Ganana Prasannga Samaye Thvamagraganyam Vidhu: ||
Mahathmyagra Vicharana Prakaraney Dhana Thushasthobhavath
Dhoothasthvam Vidhuruththamothama Phalam Shambho Bhavathsevaka: ||

|| Ithi Srimad Shankaracharya Virachith Sri Shivanandha Lahari Sampooranam ||

 Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!